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A Message from Holy Apostles

This Paschal season, we awaken each day to a landscape that has been radically transformed. We now have the opportunity, like the greatest saints of our tradition, to draw inward into the quietude of our lives, to “be still and know that I am God.” Our Orthodox Faith has a longstanding tradition of such monastic practices, but that does not mean that this time is without its challenges. As our landscapes change, many of you are suffering from the ramifications of COVID-19. Some people have lost their jobs; others are struggling to make ends meet or are working impossible hours as healthcare workers and front-line responders. Though we cannot gather together within the Holy Apostles Church building, we are all still one Body of Christ—we are the Church. We must continue to put our complete trust and hope in the Lord.

     Though the physical doors of the Church must stay closed for the well-being of those we love, the Church continues administering to Her flock. Holy Apostles continues its sacramental and ministerial life now delivered through the use of technology. Though the methods administered may look different, the spiritual medication is the same. This auxiliary website is meant to assist you through your Holy Week journey and administer to your needs during this time of distancing. Though the storm has troubled the seas around us, let us keep our sight only on the Lord our God. Let us abide in Him and remember that God is with us—always. May God bless and keep you all. 

 With paternal love in Christ,

Rev. Father Nicholas Georgiou


When Jesus fed the 5,000, he accepted the offering from the boy—five loaves and two small fish. He blessed them, broke them, and fed all 5,000 with food left over. We must also learn to bring what we have to Christ. Consider, that when we offer bread and wine, He returns it as His live-giving body and blood. When we offer ourselves as Orthodox Christians, we are transformed into the Church, His body on earth. No matter what we offer, if we do so with prayer and humility, God will receive our gifts and multiply them to care for His people.

     How then can you help Holy Apostles during this time? By offering what you have, no matter how little, and let the Lord multiply it to help His flock.



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